We’re Sorry, The Problem You Are Arguing About Has Already Been Solved…

The following is a unedited repost from my other blog, Almost Bipartisan. If you like what you see, consider putting Almost Bipartisan in your bookmarks. Hopefully I can continue to find ways to cross post more commentary like this.

The American Dream is becoming a lost concept. Before, it was completely plausible for everyone to aspire to have that white picket fence in the suburbs, with the dog and the kids frolicking along in the front yard. Before, our troops could have confidence when they came home because they knew their government was going to repay them for all they endured overseas in the midst of war. Before, all it took was a little motivation to achieve greatness in this country, but things aren’t quite the same anymore.

There’s something very wrong with the way modern America works today. We have the greatest disparity between the rich and the poor since the Great Depression and as you may know know thanks to the many “Occupy” protests popping up around the country, the top 1% control 42% of the financial wealth in the U.S. To give you a clearer picture, that means about 400 individuals in this country control nearly half of all the wealth.

There’s a reason we haven’t seen these kind of numbers since the Great Depression, and there’s a reason why American started going through its worse economic recession since the Great Depression when these numbers started remerging. Just like greed led to our crash back then, the same greed is back again wreaking havoc on our economy. Now, this is typically the part of the argument where people begin throwing around the term “socialist” or asking things like “why do you want to punish success?” That’s not the case, and people who say stuff like that are being short sighted.

My argument for what we need to do to fix the economy is a simple yet controversial one. The only way to put balance back into the economy is to either cut and slash or increase revenue streams. We need to do both. Yes, even though I lean to the left, there is no argument our government wastes money. It can be more streamlined and if we look hard enough, I bet we can find fat to trim in nearly every department. However, we can only cut so much from so many places and that’s where me and my more conservative friends start to part. Like it or not, government has a purpose in our lives. They pave our roads, fix our bridges, protect our cities, and help educate our children. We all benefit from the presence of government, even the super ultra rich. So isn’t it only fair that we ask the super ultra rich and corporations to step up and take on some of the burden? According to Time, General Electric made over $14 billion in 2010 yet they paid no taxes, zilch, nada, a big fat goose egg. Moreover, in that same year, the government paid GE $3 billion in credits. Can you imagine how much more revenue the government could have made if we simply taxed GE and other companies like it a measly 5%? That’s more money to help rebuild our infrastructure and so much more.

And what about the top 1% who controls 42% of the countries wealth? What if we also taxed them just an additional 5%? I mean come on, is someone who pulls $10 million a year really going to suffer and struggle feeding their family that much more just because the government took an extra 5% of their massive income? American was in a hole back in the 1930’s and the way we got out was by asking the super ultra rich to invest more in government, so government can in turn invest more infrastructure and our people.

Now that the same thing is happening again, why are we acting like we don’t know the solution to the problem?

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