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The Itch

Graduating from school is an experience I always thought I would look forward to. No more exams, homework, or projects sounded like a dream come true to somebody who just spent the last 18 years of their life doing what seemed like nothing but. So that’s why I find it weird that I’m sitting here in my living room on a Saturday night thinking about how bored I am.

That’s not to say that being done with school isn’t awesome, cause it is. But at the same time I can’t help but feel an “itch.” Summer is coming to an end, school is ramping back up, and in a time I’m normally getting ready to get back to the grind, I’m faced with the fact that nothing is actually going to happen this year. There won’t be any classes, exams, homework, or projects. It’s just going to be me and my job, with no other obligations. Something I never even really thought about until I just wrote that sentence.

So now what? Now that I’ve successfully joined the masses of newly graduated 20 somethings with nothing but a dream, a 9.2% unemployment rate, and shitty economic prospects, what exactly do I do now? ┬áHone my skills? (could never hurt) Blog more? (god knows I should) Do something crazy? (maybe once the lease is up and the bills are paid).

Either way, I should figure it out soon. Summer isn’t meant to last more than 3 months.