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Man Up

I may not be a man. Okay, I should re-phrase that…

Media tends to set a certain tone for what a man is. If you were to spend a day watching TV or reading magazines and books, you would say that a man is someone who can spend their days doing nothing but watching ESPN and kicking back beers and be in heaven. A man is someone who lives for getting a new tool set for Christmas so they can spend the rest of their winter vacation restoring that old Chevy in the garage. A man’s man is gruff and can take a tumble. I have none of these qualities.

As a matter of fact, I might be the opposite in every way. If given the choice of only beer and an Appletini, I’d get an Appletini. I could go months without watching ESPN but if you try to stop me from watching the Rachel Maddow Show I just might cut you. I say things like “I just might cut you.” The only time I’m into tools is when I’m assembling a new piece of furniture and I much rather have a stranger fix my car than allow myself to mess around and (likely) break something.

Of course these are all stereotypes, but all stereotypes were at a time based on truth. Whoever said all black people love fried chicken and watermelon didn’t just pull that notion out of thin air, they had to run into a least a few black people who really did like fried chicken and watermelon (I know I do). The same is true here. Meaning that, at least to some, I’m definitely not a man.

I like to think that my love of Hip-Hop with excessive cursing might make up for some of the points I lose by publicly admitting I like Appletini’s, but at the same time I think I just have too much working against me. I mean, really. Appletini’s and┬áRachel Maddow? Quit while you’re ahead man.